What Exactly Are Crowns?

A crown is sometimes referred to as a cap, which is a great description - it simply fits on top of an existing tooth. It can restore the shape, colour and function of your original tooth. Crowns Can Help The Following:

  • Your tooth is susceptible to decay or it already has large fillings in it.
  • Your tooth is discoloured and you're unhappy with its appearance
  • Your tooth has been root filled.
  • Your tooth is misshapen and it affects the way you bite.

Types of Crowns

All Metal - These are normally used to cover back teeth, which are obviously less visible. The crown is usually silver (but can also be gold) and is great for restoring the shape and function of your tooth.

Metal and Porcelain - These have a metal inner core (which is great for strength) with porcelain bonded over it to provide a natural appearance.

Porcelain or Ceramic - There’s a wide range of this type of crown available and they can be very durable and long lasting. They have a more natural look but are more complex to produce so are often more expensive than crowns which include metal.


Your tooth is prepared for a crown under a local anaesthetic, and the procedure should feel no different from that of a filling. If you have a crown fitted following a root canal treatment, you may not even need a local anaesthetic.

Please contact us to book your appointment with one of our GDC registered dentists. They will discuss your course of treatment and desired results.

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Principal Dentist
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